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 ** As of now (12-5-2014) this page is still very much Under Construction. Keep an eye on this space for the first post, most likely about a game I already know pretty well because I'm also in the process of getting my bachelor degree and I only have so much time to go around and PLEASE STOP STARING AT ME SO ACCUSINGLY!**

How things get started...

After half a lifetime of on-and-off gaming I found myself with a reliable internet connection a few years ago.This enabled me to keep up on news about my many hobbies, of which gaming is but one, online. You know, keeping up with new releases (erm..) and reading the occasional opinion piece (really?) and yes, even reviews!
One thing led to another and I found myself reading more and more blogs and articles and comment sections (!) on inclusion, diversity and  even social justice activism and it's relation with pop culture; specifically nerdy and geeky pop culture or more specifically GAMES (I do segway into tv series and books that I enjoy, too). I decided it was about that time to throw in my two cents.

The purpose of this blog will be to create in-depth (or at the least below-the-surface) character studies about characters from old/new/popular/niche/FPS/RPG/whatever-else-I-enjoy games. Perhaps I shall also venture into analyses of characters from the screens or pages, who can tell?

Who is this I/me character writing this stuff anyway?

Heh. Nice of you to ask, I guess,
 I'm a twenty-nine year old woman whose hobbies often intersect with pop culture in a variety of ways. Through my (imaginary) psychology-tinted spectacles I like to observe and reflect how this affects my life and that of my (also imaginary) friends around me

No this is not me. But my dog is way more cute. Also, more dangerous looking ;)


I am not affiliated with any social justice movement as such and although my personal ideology will definitely become apparent as this blog grows, reading it grants one NO RIGHT whatsoever to blame me for opinions of stupid people in any of the many forms they occupy nor to blame any individual or group for my ignorant opinions. 

Opinions presented in comments (also imaginary) will seldom reflect my personal opinions.Viewer discretion IS advised. 


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